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All contestants must provide their own music in cd format for their performance. Additionally, contestants are required to fill out photo and video release forms. All contestants must bring two forms of ID.
Example: State Drivers License and Social Security Card.

Skindustry-Stripperfest Queen of the Pole:
Scoring, Format, Judging

  • Prize money: 1st place $750.00, 2nd place $500.00. 3rd place $250.00
  • Winner will receive $600.00 that night and receive $150.00 at the next Stripperfest
  • Check in and registration begins at 2pm and ends promptly at 5pm.  Contestant meeting will begin at 5:30pm.
  • 1st round begins at approximately 8pm
  • This event will be filmed and photographed; model releases, state ID and social security card are required the day of the event, NO EXCEPTIONS.
  • Any dancer that hasn’t booked with a national feature booking agency for longer than two years from the date of the event is eligible for competition.
  • Pole contestants are not required to disrobe and cannot be penalized for not undressing.


  • Performers will be scored on a scale of 1-10, by the quarter point.
  • For the QUEEN OF THE POLE contest consider the following; the impressiveness and variety of individual tricks, originality, difficulty, smoothness of transitions from one trick to the next, the ability to captivate the audience.  
  • The judges’ panel will consist of 5 judges and the high and low scores will be thrown out and the remaining three scores will be totaled for the final score.  30 is the possible perfect score per round.
  • Scores will be read aloud by the emcee after each performance during the first and second round.  The scores from the final round will be announced during the awards ceremony.
  • Scoring from previous rounds has no bearing on the current or future rounds.


  • There will be three rounds of competition in the pole category; 1st round, 2nd round and the finals.
  • The top 8 score advance to the 2nd round and the top 3 scores from the second round advance to the finals.
  • In case of a tie for 1st place in the finals there will be a sudden death dance off.  All 5 judges’ scores will be counted during a sudden death round.


  • The judges committee will consist mainly of previous champions, owners and operators of participating clubs and industry experts.
  • There will be separate judges’ panels for each round and category during the competition.

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